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​If you are interested in adoption,
please click this link to fill out the application
and provide your house indoor/outdoor pictures (the place where they will live),
email to Adopt@CapitalAnimalRescue.Org
We will contact with you within 3-5 days. Thank you. 
If you are looking for adopting specific animals,
please leave your information here.
We will inform you if there is any availability. 
Adoptable dogs 


Meet Luna: Your Perfect Companion for Life

Are you ready to welcome unconditional love and loyalty into your life?

Luna, a sweet 9-year-old girl, is searching for a loving forever home. Luna's story is one of resilience and hope, as she lost her beloved mom and is now in need of a loving family to call her own.

About Luna:

Gender: Female(spayed)

Age: Approximately 9 years old

Health: She has up-to-date vaccine, healthy.


Luna is an intelligent and playful dog who knows some commands. She's house-trained, making her an excellent addition to any family. Luna is not just a furry friend; she's a protective and sweet companion who will melt your heart.

Luna's Favorite Activities:

Playtime: Luna loves to play and will keep you entertained with her energy and enthusiasm.

Cuddle Time: Luna is a snuggle expert and adores being petted. She's the perfect companion for cozy evenings on the couch.

Social Butterfly: Luna is a sociable dog who gets along well with other dogs. She's often the first one to initiate playtime, pointing her bum towards them to signal her desire to play.

Luna's personality can be best described as laidback and friendly. She'll follow you around, eager to be your loyal shadow. Luna's playful nature, intelligence, and affectionate demeanor make her an ideal addition to your family.

Give Luna the Love and Home She Deserves:

Luna is in search of a family that will cherish her, providing the care and affection she truly deserves. Her capacity for love and loyalty knows no bounds, and she will undoubtedly bring joy and warmth to your life.

If you're ready to offer Luna a forever home and to be the recipient of her boundless love, please click this link to fill out the form or email to Adopt@CapitalAnimalRescue.Org. Luna can't wait to find her new family and bring happiness into their lives.


Let's make Luna's dreams come true and give her the loving home she so desperately needs. You won't regret having Luna as your loyal and loving companion.

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